1. Matches are 20 minutes each way (40 minutes in total)
  2. All players must wear shin pads
  3. When a goal is scored, play is restarted from a centre kick­ off
  4. Throw in's are a 'hand on' pass
  5. Players must be 2 yards away on free kicks
  6. No off-sides
  7. Roll on, roll off substitutes
  8. A red card will result in the player being sent off for the rest of the game
  9. Abusive language may result in the player being sent off
  10. The referee has sole authority of the match (please respect the referees, without them there is no league)
  11. The league is open to any player who is 16 or over
  12. Each team can have a squad of up to 20 players, this will help ensure you always have enough players to make a team. For each match you may bring 8 players (5 players and 3 subs)
  13. Teams must pay their match fees in full to the Swindome representative before each match
  14. If a team are late for kick off they will forfeit a goal for every 5 minutes they're a late
  15. League positions will be decided by points, goal difference, goals scored, goals against, and ‘head to head’. If teams are still equal, there will be a one off match between the 2 joint top teams to decide the league winner
  16. The organisers reserve the right to remove any team from the competition at any time